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yeah i dont want teh x3, but she freaking loves it... im also looking at the SAAB's now.. they are really nice... Also the Volvo XC90 is nice... and my family is a big volvo believer

so many choices....

im in Miami, lots and lots of rain, The X3 and FX are not as big as the Goliath Expedition, Hummber nor none of htose Giants, thats why I picked these... Plus they do offer more space for teh baby when he/she is born.

Which would you choose?

So im getting ready to trade in my mazda3 for a new car, has to be a bit bigger for the wife since we are expecting... My current choices are BMW X3 (not a big fan, but she loves it!) Infiniti FX35 Lexus IS250 (I know its not much bigger then the 3, but i Love it!) Which would you guys choose? Any o...

yeah its a 68, that car has been in the family since it was born, his father in law owned it then gave it to him like 15 yrs ago, then it pretty much sat and rotted away (I know now why we get the name RUSTANG lol) but he fixed it right back up again. I love driving that car!

90-93 Mustang GT or Cobra. Heads, upper & lower intakes, cam, throttle body, pulley's, headers, H-pipe, exhaust, gears, etc., maybe a small shot of nitrous. Lowered an inch or 2, black with 17" Cobra-R wheels. :bang: x's 2.... and also id do same project my uncle did

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