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SingleCamEJ8 wrote:actually its a 1995 GS-R that was converted to a 1998 spec Integra Type R. b18c5 transplant. Last i heard from the d00d. he was selling it. wanted a turbo IS300 or something.
yea i heard that also.

don't be so cocky about taking a car in the JDM class. My car is JDM and I lost to a kid in an s2k with knock off J's racing parts from seibon. NOPI is all about the lambo doors and neon will never change. I know there were some nice "JDM" cars there....but the majority was and will a...

nice bro, u get judged? if u call a judge looking at my car for 2 seconds, and refusing to talk to me judging.............then yes. ....and yes i did lose to ricebags...LOL...but I knew this going into the show. I entered into 01-05 Civic dx-ex Street. I was going to do JDM, but I figured I would n...

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