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by askme4parts
May 12, 2007
Forum: dsm
Topic: Am I the only one here with an EVOVIII.?
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oh yea i might be the only one too...........

am i the only EVO 9 here? Image
by askme4parts
May 12, 2007
Forum: toyota. lexus. scion.
Topic: TRD Frustration
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hahha...OhyeA,if you are ordering TRD parts at your local Toyota dealership the chances are the parts guys there dont know much about TRD Japan special parts.if you guys ever need any TRD parts just IM me shoot with the part # i will look up TRD Japan's catalog and order for you.but as you all know ...
by askme4parts
May 11, 2007
Forum: approved vendors
Topic: [*welcome to the team!*] askme4parts
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hello everyone! my name is randy, i manage a performance parts store,i am new to the forum and i here to provide the best deal for the forum members!