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I quickly read the "Struggle Builds Character" as "Snuggle Builds Character" and I thought, wtf?
.saint wrote:77 knows all. he is so wise.

Re: Got ink?`

tenchu wrote:Look like 240B's to me
Yup. M240B's


Max Effective Range 1100m
Jams_ek wrote:^ are those saws or rpd's they look more like saw's looks good though
The M249 SAW and Russian RPD look nothing like the M240B. However the thing I did like about the RPD was the damn thing weighed 1/2 of what the M240B did.
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Re: Got ink?`

^^ word I'm not much of an lmg fan but I have fired an m249 and I must say i was kind unimpressed with the accuracy and yes I know they look nothing at all alike I was actually think of the m240b but, I had a brain fart lol. I actually perfer a single shot. I just got done building a few guns about a year ago its kinda my side hobby
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