a few hiccups.

as you all know the sites been down for about a month. the server suspended the account because something was taking up over 10% of there cpu usage so they suspended us. i got things straitened out there (spam) but now I'm having some mysql errors that i imagine you all noticed. working on a fix! PLEASE BARE WITH ME!

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Re: a few hiccups.

on a side note. it looks as if i got the mysql error fixed. we should be back up and running.

if anyone happens to notice a new member that they think might be "spam" that i didn't catch can you PLEASE check with www.stopforumspam.com all you need to do is use the search feature and put the username into the box. if the user checks as spam please inform me. if it does not check out and you still think something is up could you please inform me so i can check the email and IP address.

thanks everyone!

Re: a few hiccups.

I ban spammers so much with my night job. It's to the point that I actually got tired of writing pithy insults in the "reason for ban" space.
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