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I haven't ran since last spring but yep your right on the shoes mattering jon.. I have a nice pair of brooks. probably the most comfotable pair of running shoes I've ever wore... and I too am doing the "run for your life". If anybody wants/needs a ride up lmk.

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Since it got cold here I don't run anymore. I ran all the time when it was warm out, but as soon as it dips below 50 I just cant do it. I like to be able to sweat so it feels like I am working out. I will take a 80 degree and 90% humidity run over 40 degrees and sunny.

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I usually hit the gym 3 times a week working every muscle group atleast once, then throw in some cardio on the off days during the week. I changed up my routine about 3 weeks ago prepping for the Tough Mudder in the Pocono's and Mud On The Mountain at Seven Springs in May, signed up for both, im super pumped!! Been doing alot of trail running on steeper inclines, climbing banks, dead lifts, lunges, squats, clean & jerks into military presses, rope climbs etc, constantly keeping my heart rate way up the entire time trying to increase lung capacity, its a bitch, it sucks but itll be worth it in the end. :thumbup:
.saint wrote:I'm registered forthe 7 mile in may.
See ya there Jon! What time is your heat? Im going out at 9:20am.

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fantastic I'm in the same boat!
ill be looking for ya!

on a side note i finished up my 3rd INSANITY fit test today. brought my results up a bit... the 5th week is intense! it has NOTHING on the first 3 weeks. 4th week is a recovery week but going into this week is crazy tough. i did catch myself resting a good bit today. fit test + max interval circuit is brutal.

alright so I'm back with my day 36 fit test results.
ill post them after my day 1 & day 15 results so i can track progress.
switch kicks: 52 - 57 - 62
power jacks: 47 - 54 - 61
power knees: 84 - 102 - 115
power jumps: 32 - 41 - 75
globe jumps: 10 - 12 - 14
suicide jumps: 14 - 17 - 20
push-up jacks: 22 - 26 - 29
low plank oblique: 21 - 30 - 38

also i have been getting more into the crossfit stuff. probably over time I'm going to start stocking up on the rogue fitness products. the bars/ bumpers/ york dumbbells (for the chaLEAN extreme workout and p90x)/ racks/ build myself a plyo box and possibly pick up rings. i caught the fitness bug pretty hard.

Re: thejdm's Fitness Thread.

Arnold Classic this pumped!! Plus its also my birthday. A buddy of mines old boss is now a big corporate guy for GNC and is tryin to get plus two's for us to the vip/celeb parties and the strike force mma fight...this weekend has some potential to be epic!
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