Re: post up your shoes thread.

yeah but for the that people are selling them for now i wish i would have tried for a pair just to sell and at least double my money on them. Obviously the gf got the GS size but she still paid a lot for them. All three pairs were ordered from Flight Club.
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Re: post up your shoes thread.

.saint wrote:ouch, fight club is like rape club. there prices are ridiculous if you ask me.
Well i got the Dunkmans for $180...which is only $10 more then retail. As far as the hornets and SBs, the gf has no patience. I told her to wait and try them on at the store first to see what size fit best before she ordered. Couldnt wait and order them...goes to the Foot Locker and they have the hornets there in her size. Maybe next time she'll learn to wait haha I think the Hornets ran $150 and $225 for the SB's, oh well, not may money haha

Re: post up your shoes thread.

more then likely when i come back from vaca i will hopefully have the 3 (possibly 4) of the most sought after shoe of 2012.

yeezy 2, black/solar
yeezy 2, pure plat
yeezy 2, purple/volt (never released, only released 1 limited pair to KOBE "supposedly")
galaxy foamposite nrg

*fingers crossed* the possible 4th is the purple yeezy 2.

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