Sorry, Frightmare will be CLOSED for the 2012 season.

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October 12, 2012

Due to some very very unfortunate events, the Frightmare Haunt will be closed for the 2012 season. This would have been the 20th year of Fear for the Home haunt but family comes first and this october has been an absolute nightmare. My grand pap went in for his 2nd open heart surgery at 84 years old. He is doing very well and had an incredible speedy recover like he did last feb when he was in for the first time. On a sad note my GF's uncle has suddenly passed away Saturday October 6th and we are both in mourning. RIP Ricky, today happens to be his 49th Birthday. You are incredibly missed.

One of my co-workers also has lost a precious family member, his 2 month old grand son. Ron, my prayers are with you and your family.
This year was just not meant to be for the Frightmare Haunt so im taking a year hiatus, the first time ever since the start in 1992.

i want to thank everyone who was a fan of the haunt and i hope to see you all back next year, Frightmare 2013 will be in the works soon after this season is over.
take care everyone and happy halloween.
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October 13, 2012

Good luck with everything man. sorry to hear things havent been so hot for you either.
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October 19, 2012

Dayumn. Hope everything is going ok. How is your Pap?
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October 23, 2012

Sucks about Frightmare, man. Always keep family and friends on the front burner. They're what matter the most.
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