What are my tuning options if I stayed OBD II

Hello friends,

After dealing with California and my turbo set-up, I've been wanting something...well, less.

I'm going to refresh my B16 with CTR pistons and a mild cam setup. I want something that will be fun to drive, responsive and will still pass smog. It's just such a headache here dealing with authorities.

So if I keep my OBD II ecu, what can I tune it with? I need something that I can control A/F with because I will be using the same injectors that I had with my turbo - and they are OVERKILL for this setup. 660's! lol But I have them, may as well use them.

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Re: What are my tuning options if I stayed OBD II

I'm going to read up on this. I honestly don't know, but it is something that I have wondered. Especially considering that Pennsylvania is referred to as "little California" for some of the emissions laws it enacts. Nothing like you guys have, though. We still have loopholes.

As far as I know...the only real management you can do and still remain obd2 compliant is a piggy back setup. Like an E-manage or something along those lines. By process of elimination I know Hondata, Crome, AEM, etc are all out. None have obd2 diagnostic ports in working order.
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Re: What are my tuning options if I stayed OBD II

Don't really have an answer for you, since I always find a loop-hole around emissions in every state i've lived in, but are you worried about SMOG, or the CARB/cop faggots on the streets? If its smog, I may know someone who can help you (in SFBay.. don't know how far that is from wherever you live)

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Re: What are my tuning options if I stayed OBD II

lol ^ surprised you remembered that. Yeah, CA is really bad. So bad in fact that since the beginning of 2010 the gov. has made the sale of ANY 'high-flow' cat illegal! The only cats you can buy now are OEM. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Tenchu: I don't want to get sent to the ref again. It's expensive. I get pulled over on a regular basis, and have to carry my most recent smog paperwork around with me.

I did have an e-manage unit, but never used it. I heard they are garbage. That was awhile ago though. Same goes for the Apexi VAFC thing. But as long as I can get a safe tune from it, I wouldn't mind. I just know there is not many options to tune with these.

If I did have to go OBD I (probably Chrome because I sold my Hondata), I wonder if I put a cat back in and the stock ECU the engine would run well enough to pass smog without having to mess with anything else. I seriously doubt it though...

Thanks for the responses!
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