just to add to this...


- Honda Civic EJ9 1.4 SOHC (D14a4)
- Honda Civic EK3 - 1.5L SOHC VTEC (D15??)
- Honda Civic VTi EK4 - 1.6L DOHC VTEC (B16a2)

not to sure on power figures, my car started life as a D14a4, now has the B16a2 engine
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EDM Honda Civic EK3 (VTEC-E) - 1.5L SOHC VTEC (d15z6) 115hp
EDM Honda Civic EK4 (VTi) - 1.6L DOHC VTEC (b16a2) 160hp

not sure on other models
'00 EK3 Civic 1.5i LS VTEC-E [d15z6]
'98 DC2 Integra type R [hella fun]

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As far as I ever looked into it it's a complete swap over. Like doing a 99-00 on a 96-98. You just have to get the complete front.
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Not the rad support. The bumper support. I just read a few things on them, and everyone says that the EL/Domani front bumper support has the hangers to hold the bumper up under the headlights as one piece. That's all bolted on, though. So you'd need hood, headlights, fenders, front bumper, bumper support.

I couldn't find a pic of the EL front bumper support to confirm the difference. Just word of mouth.

There's a guy from Syracuse w/ a RHD sedan w/ a domani front. I can't remember his name. One of the Syracuse guys might have helped him with the conversion and could chime in if they read this.

This looks badass:


yeah munster right. its the same as doing a 99-00 on a 96-98.

headlamps, fenders, hood, front grille, and bumper.
as for the bumper support. they are just for crash impact they really dont serve a purpose in holding the bumper on. there is pieces under the headlamps that hold up the front bumper along with the clips.

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Those are the pieces I'm talking about. I was reading in a few places that the bumper support on the EL front has those little bumper things welded on it rather than bolted to the core support like the US front.
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