sorry if i over did it but hey its my favorite car!

if some need to be removed, i will do so.
drive a 99 hatch and loving every min. of it!

that was alot of pics....
I drive a Honda シビック クーペ

"We're supposed to be expressing are own artistic talent and vision through our cars, not everybody else's. Use yours to show the rest of the world who you are... i dare you." - Dru Barrios of Honda Tuning Magazine

wow.....thank you for showing all of the hatchbakcs from Honda-Tech...lol j/p

that is a good collection though.... you even have some cars from some thejdm members here...lol

you have good taste...so i think your car should be tastefully modded when you are near completion.

"the USDM kid"

badass pics man lots of good stuff. Since I know nothing of hondas what the hell is a civic RS. I know Si Type R and SiR. Never heard of a RS. What is that???
2003 Honda Civic SI - Time to get to work.

dam sick hatches. but wow alot of picts.


"dude the exhaust on that maserati sounds like it is gonna beat you up, screw your mom, and take your chick away. That thing is mean!!!"

I can't believe how many people I recognized by their car in those posts.
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