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- Atleast 2 photographs should be posted, and at most a total of 5 photographs. (per post)
- A complete modification list, inclouding exterior, interior, etc. can be posted along with the photographs as well.


- Photos MUST be no larger than 800x600 pixels.

NOTE: Lets keep this a fun all around thread. These "rules" are not set in stone, but will keep a little order to the thread, and hopefully prevent those pesky side scrolling pages. Lastly, please do not quote pictures.

My 97' Ferio

sorry if it didnt work, don't really know how to post picks, if it worked, the car doesnt look the same anymore, i painted the lip kit and side skirts white, more pics comeing soon.

This is what my car looks like now!

1997 Honda Civic EX
D16Z6 swap
Boomslang OBD2a-OBD1 conversion harness
AEM Short Ram Intake
Red Powdercoated Valve Cover
CTR Style front lip (REAL ONE COMING SOON)
CTR Grill
REAL DEAL JDM fog lights
Euro black housing headlights w/ purple sylvania's
Painted factory side skirts
JDM Side Markers
Spoon Sports Mirrors
CTR style floor mats
DC2 ITR Shift boot w/ LS Knob
Mugen style Carbon Fiber wing (REAL CARBON FIBER, NOT THAT FAKE CRAP)
Ferio badging (shipped today)
LS Wheels w/ TOYO Proxes 4 Tires
JDM Front Emblem placement
JDM Red rear emblem

Coming soon:
99-00 Civic Rear bumper, new JDM fenders from PasswordJDM w/ integrated side markers, antenna block off plate, and some more JDM goodies. ... 8728_l.jpg ... 6014_l.jpg ... 3624_l.jpg ... 7578_l.jpg ... 8577_l.jpg

im curious what front end that is... it looks like an Ascot front end...
I drive a Honda シビック クーペ

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