98 Coupe Shell

i was just offered a 98 Civic EX shell for $500. I dont really know alot about Civic's like all the hardcore Vic drivers out there, so i thought i would post in this forum to get some sweet advice. The exterior is in ok condition, the rear bumper is cracked, but the front end isnt all that good, both front fenders are bent in, not too bad, but bad enough, hood is fucked up, front bumper is cracked like a biotch, but i was kinda hoping to do a 99-00 SI front end conversion, so the front end doesnt concern me that much. The car does come with a motor, but it only runs on 3 cylinders (broke a rod). And its an auto, and i would plan on either going with a B18, or maybe even an H22. I dunno, what do you guys think? Do you even think its worth the money, and all the time it will take? What i would really wanna do is sell the accord and buy an EK, but this is a possibility i guess. Any advice?
my neighbor is so jdm

stay away from it. unless you want a serious project on your hands and have fistfuls of cash. looks to me that you are going to be replacing everything. i would only take that car if it were free

Yeah that's a tough call. I think unless you KNOW you can make some cash off of it. and you know you have the time to work on it. Be afraid...be very afraid.
No pictures:(

in all actuality, its just a kid that doesnt know too much about cars. like, he knows shit about hondas, like basic shit like chassis codes, different motors, i mean he has a basic understanding, but nothing about actually working on them. there is no frame damage what so ever, all fuck ups are purely cosmetic, well except for the motor. but thats alright, i dont think i wanna do it anyway. i mean, i go to school, i have a job, i dont have alot of time anymore. and plus, what the fuck am i gonna do with 2 cars on campus anyway? one of which i cant even drive? i just cant afford it right now, but maybe later on down the road, i will start a project car, probably when i get outta school. thanks for the advice ya'll. oh, and sorry for the long stupid post, im trying to get tired so i can go to bed, i got finals in the morning.
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