Re: Someone teach me about quick-ratio rack & pinion kits

Well, I have a manual rack in my car, and it's a quicker ratio than the factory manual rack since I'm rocking a de-powered power rack.

If you don't find yourself wanting to turn faster (like to get rid of having to saw at the wheel to make the corners) and the problem is just response, maybe the culprit is something else. How good is the alignment? How old are the tie rods? Are the tie rods on your car meant to impart a solid feel of the road or isolate the driver from its imperfections? Bushings? Swaybar and its endlinks? Tire sidewall stiffness?

Re: Someone teach me about quick-ratio rack & pinion kits

yeah if the tie rods have bad bushings it will take alittle longer before you notice the tires turning.
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