Wheel Fitment Information.

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December 19, 2009

this was quoted from honda-tech.
ccdan wrote:Guys started putting together some wheel fitment information for those who are new to this or just don't quite fully understand. It's a start and will be revised get better and have more information soon.

Wheel Measurements: http://flushstance.ccwheel.com/?page_id=635
Backspacing/Offset Calculator: http://flushstance.ccwheel.com/?page_id=643
Wheel Divider: http://flushstance.ccwheel.com/?page_id=621

Wheel divider even though super simple will be most used. For those who don't understand what it's doing read up on the wheel measurements page. You can take several wheels and input there data to find out "how much wheel sit to the fender and to the suspension" which is difficult to visualize and understand with offset and mainly width changes. Example: you see a 15x8 +20 that you like the fitment to the fenders. Input that data and you find that 3.71" of the wheel is towards the fender. You can input other wheels your interested in to get these same numbers and the one that cloeset to the 3.71 you like will obviously fit the fenders the same.
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December 27, 2009

Yup, like the wheel divider.
Little BYS cutey on top of that page too.
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