anyone know much about master cylinders?

i have plans to delete my brake booster and go with a wilwood master cylinder, i was told braking is pretty stiff, thats to be expected seeing the fact im removing the booster. but my question is will a smaller bore master cylinder help with creating more pressure to the brakes? or will i still be better off to go with a stock size bore?

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Re: anyone know much about master cylinders?

i want to see how his new deletes look. the cad drawing looks pretty awesome, not a huge fan of the logo placement. i wasgoing to order his kit but he wanted a grip for it & i been reading horror stories of the customer support, heard he bit off more then he could chew and cant keep up with it all. im just ordering the mc from summit and as far as the delete plate i was going to try and find a cnc machine shop to cut me one and possibly a few extra for sale if they work out and look good.

wilwood emailed me back with this:


Thank you for the inquiry and use of Wilwood Disc Brakes. I need to know what your pedal ratio is to determine the best master cylinder bore size. Wilwood recommends at least a 6:1 pedal ratio to achieve proper leverage and pressure for manual brakes.

Attached is a link with some brake pedal technical information that may assist you in determining your pedal ratio. ... altech.asp



Re: anyone know much about master cylinders?

i rock a willwood box pedal setup on my s13. ive got 1'' bore...and z32 front and rear brakes...which are massive in comparison to most honda brakes. its stiff as balls. awesome pedal response, but its shit for driving on the street. ive been thinking of moving down to the 7/8.

pedal feel hands down is the best ive ever felt. but its like trying to put ur foot through a brick wall.
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Re: anyone know much about master cylinders?

yeah i was figuring with a smaller bore it would help in regards to being a tad easier to press.

im going to dig into that wilwood link and see what that has to say here before i go and order up my parts. the 7/8 is going to be bigger then the 3/4 stock honda bore. (all the h-t kids were saying the 3/4 is stock) but who knows, i will have to find the ratio.
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