pic perfoamnce lca's VS. mfactory lca's

alright so im in need of some new rear lower control arms because i blew the bushings out of my shitty srr's when i was doing my 5 lug. bot the pic and the mfactory use bearing instead of bushings and they both are really close in price. i cant decide on what set to go with and i was hoping you guys could maybe see what your take in on the 2.

both are reputable companies from what i read on h-t and both make awesome products.

here are some links

http://picperformance.com/store/scripts ... roduct=202

http://www.teammfactory.com/products.ph ... rol%20Arms

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You might want to consider wicked racing or blox. They use the factory bushing just inserted into a billet arm and has a set screw holding the bushing in place. When the factory one wears out you can replace it with an energy suspenion or another factory bushing. I feel this is a good design because you are getting a billet arm that will still funstion as a factory part. This is nice because there is such a thing as too stiff when dealing with suspension because then you wear tires weird I heard of people having this problem with the spherical bearing kit for the trailing arm and with the energy suspension replacement as well. You drive your car daily unlike a lot of these people who run these parts. Wicked racing is actually used on the car that won the honda challenge those guys run their own stuff and back it up with wins the blox is a direct copy of the wicked lca. Good luck
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DD'n the car will change hopefully this summer/fall there is no way im DD'n this car another year. 2 much $ involved in the car to run it all fall/winter. i dont mind DD'n it in the spring/summer. back and forth to work @ a concrete plant isnt the greatest ever either.

anyways i think im gonna go with the PIC. ill be running PIC Select coilovers so this should be a perfect pair.
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