need some opinions on motors.

ok i will be picking up my first civic next week. it is a 95 coupe dx. ok i'm new to hondas and i've been reading up on them everyday and know that there are alot of motors that can be swapped in. I do know what i'm doing with the car cosmetically and in the interior. Motor wise i have no idea. I plan on eventually boosting the car, but while i save for the turbo i will add bolt ons. I'm not going overboard on power, goal is 300-350 when it is boosted. just dont know which is the best motor to get me there. thank you in advance for help, and i already know what munsters opinion will be :)

Re: need some opinions on motors.

300-350 is very doable reliably on a Bseries. A GSR w/ a medium t3/t4 is going to get you there on probably only like 9-10psi. Boob has like 75k miles on his turbo LS at 262whp right now. He doesn't beat the car every day he drives it, but tracks it pretty often.

And I know you were waiting for it....I know where you can find a LS motor w/ a tapped oil pan ready to go!
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