Took off my piece of shit megan midpipe

After having fitment issues with the megan b pipe hooking up to my spoon n1 (its a sin to even have these 2 connected, but i got lazy and settled for less) i finally took it off. The shit would bang against the floor pan at idle, and at high rpms too. I took it off once and took a sledge to it, but no luck. The resonator was also a piece of shit and made my car super loud. So i put my stocker back on and couldn't be happier. Such a smooth and quiet sound compared to what it used to sound like. Just thought id share :)
Rodney Wills wrote:the fashion of racing is the function, so as long as you have a properly functioning vehicle, it'll never go out of style

Sensitive Squirrel wrote:MR makes some ok suspension stuff for nissans...idk...ill never buy it

their suspension for ep3's is supposed to be good as well, but besides that all their products suck. hopefully ill be able to sell this thing;)
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