Hey Munster, clutch ? for ya

I hopefully will be getting a new clutch before the end of the summer, the stocker slips like hell. Anyhow, Im looking at the ACT Extreme pressure plate for sure but havent decided on a disc yet. The street/strip is what most RX7 guys run, seems to hold up at the track with great streetability. Its good for about 450 ft/lbs. Now I was also tossing around the idea of a 6 puck, which they now make in a sprung hub model, which should make it a bit more driveable on the street. Good for almost 600 ft/lbs, so no worries for any future upgrades. But im really worried about how harsh it will be on the street. Also plan on going with an ACT lightweight flywheel along with the clutch.

Now the part for you Munster or anyone else with experience with any of these clutches from ACT. How harsh is engagement on the 6 puck / 3 puck setups? Too much/too annoying for the street as I dont really track the car that often. Munster, you have a 3-puck solid hub right? Hows it feel. I know we are talking about 2 different cars but should be somewhat similar. Any help from anyone would be appreciated.

I have an unsprung 6 puck w/ a heavy duty plate. pedal pressure isn't bad and engagement isn't bone rattling harsh, but I'm on stock mounts. I can drive mine in bumper to bumper traffic with minimal chatter.
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i run a clutchmasters also ... pedal feel is close to stock, just need to slip it to avoid chatter. It's real easy to get the hang of, and i'd probably never go with another clutch over clutchmasters.... and i've driven a couple different kinds.
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