burns exhaust?

i see alot of people running a burns setup anymore. i checked there site and i was considering a custom jobbie. i ran across this burns setup i really like..
guessing the legality of that is basicly :down:

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Kteller.com, yo. They have prebent kits for EKs. That's what mine is. Good price too.

The only thing with that setup is then you have the indentation on the bumper just looking goofy.
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Seductive Squirrel wrote:tobytuned take note.......
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+ its just asking to get pulled over. im going to get something fab'd and hidden yet not illegal.

unless i just run a spoon *shrug*

plus...i don't know how you like the sound of your NA B18C resonating between the ground and your under body...better order a box of ear plugs with it

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Anything can be legal if you know the right people :) . Ive seen a few muscle cars with the tucked under exhaust with a turndown like in the pic above, its not really that bad as far as noise.

Noise wouldn't be anything different as long as you have a resonator (staying NA) and a decent muffler. Even if it is a stubby one.
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