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Well while installing my swap i ran across a small problemo. The port on the back of the stock p30 intake mani for the brake booster was broken off and it is a bitch. I have tried everything to get all the scrap out of it that i can without actually removing the manifold. I know that i could plug it and just tee off another line but it's brakes we are talking about here, not just a something simple like a boost gauge. So my real question is, does anyone know what aftermarket (edelbrock, bbk, blox, etc...) intake mani will actually make a hp gain? i only say this because if im going to take that broken mani off i might as well just go big and get something to make a power difference. I was looking at the bbk because they seem moderately priced. Any help is appreciated.


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depends on your setup. BBK is good for things like turbo (ie, BIG turbos). it is terrible for low to mid range power though. Skunk is good for all around power.
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Well the only reason i was looking at the bbk is because i work at advance and i can get a discount on it, same as the edelbrock. Plus free shipping. I can get a skunk2 but it's at full price but also free shipping through advance.

well as i said, bbk or edelbrock is not designed really for any low or midrange power, you will lose on the low to mid and only gain on the high. skunk or blox, unless you are turbo. :)

edelbrock makes two intake manifolds. Victor X and Performer X i think ... the second of the two is similar to that of blox/skunk2.
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