T0DA wrote:I've thought about this for a while and wasn't sure if it'd do damage to my trans or not (kind of iffy anyway, really notchy going into gear and I just got the clutch in like 6k miles ago properly broke in and all...)
93ludeSi, do they make a real deal short shifter for our cars or our we stuck with the "adapter" kit BS?
just the adapter, it is nice though, i really like it (mine anyways). If you get one let me know though, you have to trim your boot ring when you instal it to make it fit, nothing major just requires trimming the underside for clearance. if you do it though i will post pics of mine trimmed but heres how it looks installed without the center console...
nothing to special, and yes i know, the blue trim on the console needs to be changed but i am trying to replace it instead of adding even more paint :P
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.saint wrote:man this looks so bad ass!!!!!! i cannot wait for mine!!!
clean ass ef interior. lol.
Just call me Dr. Vice.

So (even though it's been a long time since I read about people's experiences) do short throw shifters kill tranny's? Just read alot of horror stories from Honda owners that have used them, and I don't want to risk anything if I get one...

The only thing that killed my tranny was that damn A C T 6 puck unsprung!! but I'd take another one gladly.. I noticed with the short throw sometime, prob just my error that if I try to shift too quickly it grind.. but if you can't find em grind em.. In my 1992 civic I have a stock gsr shifter with type r knob and I love it. No problems with that guy.
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My peronal experience with them is that I don't like them. In my civic I had a skunk 2 short thrown it has the nice roller bearings so it wasnt a cheap one either (still got it) with as fast as the car revs revs I was constantly miss shifting at the track with it because it was trying to go into gear quicker than the mechanical ability of the drivetrain so I went to stock and havent had a problem since. I loved it when I first got it back when my car was na and I never really had any issues with grinding miss shifting and whatever until I started making significantly more power. Since then though I run stock type r it cost about 120ish from the dealer and it has a just a little more of an angle. In my own opinion if it is going into gear just a little quicker you will eventually wear something out it just makes sense.

That tall shifter in the del sol that is a buddy of mine dane when he gets back to me I will let you know what shifter is in that car, GSRMike (silver gsr jdm front full race turbo kit tuned by evans) ran that shiter too he was into road racing and I know thats why he had it as well.

FLP makes the tall shifter
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