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Koni/Eibach setup: 96-00 Civic

I'm selling the suspension setup off of my car because I got new coilovers

Here's the setup:
Koni Reds (non adjustable) w/ Eibach Sportlines (1.8" drop). Setup has approximately 5000 miles on it (I put roughly 1200 miles on a season). Ride was great. Not super stiff, but didn't bottom out. Hardly noticeable that it was an aftermarket setup.

I'm asking $300 for the complete setup. Just unbolt yours and bolt this up. Price is picked up in Vintondale, PA (20 miles east of Blairsville on route 22. 10 miles west of Ebensburg)

Here's a picture of the drop (not the best picture):
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- K-Tuned - My friends

good luck buddy im havin a hell of a time findin a bidder on mine and there just about perfect, not a good year for suspension sales!
can i get xtra mater on that!!!!!!!!

sikblugsx wrote:nobody's buying shit but maybe if you autograph them they'll sell quicker
What if I told people that I put my balls on them when I pulled them off of the car? The teste marks are still in the dust.

i just bought a new digital camera or ide buy em.


"dude the exhaust on that maserati sounds like it is gonna beat you up, screw your mom, and take your chick away. That thing is mean!!!"

some nut hair might seal the deal - will you take a d-series valve cover for them I'll spray paint it whatever color you want?

sikblugsx wrote:some nut hair might seal the deal - will you take a d-series valve cover for them I'll spray paint it whatever color you want?
hot pink for my beater. The valve cover + $300 and they're yours!

na dude i just got a fujifilm S5100 with a fish eye lens, and picked up my new turbo,seat brackets,pieces for my new downpipe so im ballin on a budget agin for my car fund. i gotta save 400 now for my tune at hybrid.

Will you trade for 2 My Chemical Romance tickets?? They are front row....... so close you will be able to bathe in their tears and also be able touch their bangs as they softly droop infront of their eyes.
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