Referral Mod has been installed.

hey everyone i want to make you all aware that i installed a referral mod to the site.

now if you are to tell someone about the site make sure when they are registering they add your username to the "referred by" section. the mod will track all of your referrals and in due time (after it installed) will unlock special site badges to people who refer X amount of active members (active members being members who have 10+ posts on the site)

so please if you are spreading the word of thejdm make sure you get them to sign up with your referral. i plan on adding a referral link email that you can send to people so all they have to do is click and register but for now this should work.

i also plan on using this referral mod to advertisers advantages. i would like to get on board a few advertisers and once they have people sign up with there referral it will work towards free advertising credit.

spread the word!!

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