i miss my garage....
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Re: thejdm pimp my garage!

just want to bump this to talk about the garage.

yes this was an old feature on the original thejdm v1 some of you may remember. it vanished durring v3 and started to make its comeback in v3 as far as getting its own tab in the navbar. BUT it seems as though the developer of the phpbb garage has abandoned the project and there is lack of updates and support of the modification witch really really bums me out.

this was probably one of the most talked about features of v1. i will try to install the latest beta release of the garage and we can hopefully bug track it and i can try to manage the support on my own. not only do i miss the garage but i imagine a ton of you miss it as well.

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Re: thejdm pimp my garage!

guess what ya fuckin bastards...

the garage is installed! needs some work obviously. but its up and running. PLEASE report garage bugs to me VIA PM!!!! do not post bug or errors in this forum, the software is still in beta, i do not need anyone thats not a member looking @ error codes.

Re: thejdm pimp my garage!

just looking @ some things, im probably going to have to set the permissions on the garage tonght, you people might/might not be able to add a car at the moment. ill get on this sunday. heading to pittsburgh now for the night.

Re: thejdm pimp my garage!

there is alot of makes/models that are not there and there is a lot that need removed. if you see anything else, let me know.

also when adding modifications, try to be as complete as you can with the shop details, the more you can fill out the better. :thumbup:
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