Re: thejdm pimp my garage!

im getting MUCH better at this php coding stuff!

i coded my own 'highslide' image viewer in the garage. it uses the highslide image function found in theGallery. instead of opening a new window u can now view garage images in the highslide. soooo slick!

i coded this feature to work with any image in the gallery, even when using the search/browse function!

im working on getting your image in your profile to also highslide but im having some trouble with that one. gimmie time :) this will be my FIRST EVER complete coded phpBB mod that i will be submitting to the phpbb mod database im super excited!

i just redid the entire portion of the garage in the members profiles with a more appealing look. i created 2 columns shrinking the size down. think it looks way better now.

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Re: thejdm pimp my garage!

updated the ride and had it setup in the garage... though i think i goofed and added a few companies that were already there... i dont know how to fix it >_<
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Re: thejdm pimp my garage!

FYI for some of the people using the garage feature. you dont have to type out your mod list in the description. there is an 'add modification' link that lets u fill out all kinds of information :) browse the garage features u will be impressed with the software. its very very in depth
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