mmm more parts

well, I got a super good deal on this used, so I couldn't say no. check it out: :up: :bang:
decided not to go with the tint route, following munsters formula, exhaust - cat = illegal
illegal + cops = fines, fines = :down: . so when I put on the race header, no tint or anything of the sort. I'm gonna try to sleep out the rsx as much as I can, and then pwn n00bz with N/A power babeh! I also got enery suspension motor mount inserts and o2 extensions. Also, my carputer is going in hopefully this weekend, but I won't disclose anything about that til I get it all in. :up:
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Awesome. :up: Cats are pets and don't belong on cars. :bang:
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munster wrote:Awesome. :up: Cats are pets and don't belong on cars. :bang:

fucking right man. sweet set up now get a sweet little fart can on it
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