i am actually doing one right now. so far i've spent $960. mainly because im not putting cheap ass parts into the swap. im buying aftermarket performance shit. here's a list maybe this will help you out. and ebay is ur friend :P

5 speed tranny (duh) (i paid $320)
shift linkage ( $70)
clutch pedal assembly ($25)
flywheel ($205)
clutch kit ($200)
shifter ($68 and some cents)
shift knob (i think it was like $16.95 or something, type r :) )
shift boot ($20 i think, it's also type r)
5 speed tranny mounts (came with my tranny)
center console (have yet to buy)
manual gauge bezel (have yet to buy)

i think there might be more but im tired and can't think but that should be a majority of it. someone add to this list if im missing something.

also some of the stuff i bought with this swap aren't really necesary but i like it.

EDIT: maybe try searching on g2ic.com they have a ton of shit on this

If you indeed have a DA. The tunnel will need to be modified where the shifter pokes through and you have add a hole in the firewall for the clutch cable. Nothing too difficult, just a couple more things to consider.
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i was told that the mount on the body of the car(auto trans mount bolts to)has to cut out and have a manuel one welded in. my car used to be an auto aswell. good luck
90 da9 ls/vtec

i was thinking about swapping from auto to manual, but heard bout some problems? but heard good things too, let me know if its easy to do or not...
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