**Official DA Picture Thread** Post your DA or any clean DA.

decided the DA section needed some more posts/pics so lets see everyone's DA!!! Here's mine, some of u, if not all of u should have already seen it by now :) and yes, i know im :rice: :roll:
Comment from DA9: Its not that bad dude paint the bumper. Its not Rice its what you like!

I no longer have that banner!!!


BTW I Have JDM headlights now. These are the most recent pictures i got.





^^RIP^^ My 2nd DA. it's motor is now boosted in my buddies CRX so it didn't go to waste.

hey bro did u use to hang out on team-integra? cuz im sure i've talked to u b4 on one of these forums and i think on AIM a couple times. Im trying to recruit more ppl for this site so we can get it going. :nod: i put links like thejdm.com DA's WANTED!!

what do u mean ur not on TI ne more? sorry to see no more ppl posting teg pics :ohmy: oh well, im sure ppl will post pics of there DA's sooner or later, i hope 8)

b16da9 wrote:Team-integra can kiss my G2 a$$.
Hell yea me and b18da9 both wrote a thread saying were were leaving the site. Haha

:werd: :mod: what's the link to that thread on TI lol i'll add my username to it :-P. those cocks think they know everything and they lock so many threads, bishes! :[ :nod:


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