i only say that because the car is seriously showroom clean. Stock paint still shining, There is no dents not paint fades or defects exterior is immac and the interior is even better. The motor looks a day old it's very clean and it's my baby...... the price might seem a little high but u would have to see it for yourself.

yea it came like that......... all i did was drop it and alot of tTLC i mean alot.

i <3 that damn car man..........

Please note: this is not my car, but a friends. Team Marathon Represnt. I hope u like it!
TEAM Marathon
its BANANAS . . . . B - A - N - A - N - A - S

here's my 91 g/c coilovers, greddy shiftknob, 99-00 si wheels with yoko tires, also have XSI gauge cluster and 1 piece headlights waiting to be installed.
"WHATS REALLY JDM"????????????

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