**90-93 Integra of the Month (FEB)**

[center:8d7f775414]This car is a perfect example of a clean JDM looking Gen2 Integra. Thus it is the first offical Integra of the Month.

* 93_db2 * your car is the Integra Of The Month.





Congrats bro.
Integra Moderator [/center:8d7f775414]

^^RIP^^ My 2nd DA. it's motor is now boosted in my buddies CRX so it didn't go to waste.

[center:491cebacb5]Please keep replies on topic. Please only reply with topics related to 93_db2's car. (Such as congrats, nice car, ect.) Please do not bring up any off topic replies.
Thank you

im honored to be the first Integra of the Month and thanks for the complements. hope we keep this Integra of the Month going :)
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