got screens?

Here's a couple pics i took of a teg from import motion in seattle, washington. this guy had a screen just about everywhere u looked!



personally i like the teg but there's too many screens IMO i think he had one under the hood if i remember right, and he had screens on the floor too. I think he's a member of and/or

no comments? i just thought i'd show another teg :) and i was bored. i'll post some other car pics from the show later when i get off my ass and scan them. there's a yellow celica the new body style, a 350z, a honda civic, an rsx, a 3rd gen integra, and some other cars i can't remember right now.

:: thinks ::

oh the things i could have done with the money he used on TOO many tv screens... :(

Ahhh what a werdo. but if thats all he knew how to install... go for it
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yeah lol, i think he was trying to be "differen't" but aside from all the screens i think it's a sweet teg. and flame all you want but i kind of like the lambo doors haha.
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