welcome.. this section is getting some new people.. slowly but there are more DA owners joining :up:

^^RIP^^ My 2nd DA. it's motor is now boosted in my buddies CRX so it didn't go to waste.

personally, i think DA was the best model

1993 RHD Impreza : Brembo : Zeal : Whiteline : Prodrive : Enkie : Cusco'd out

90-93 best integ yet 3rd gens to small and light girlly looking unless jdm front conversion done 1stgens are nice just not a good powerplant 4th gen (rsx) reALLY NICE JUST A LIL TO BULKY COULDA BEEN WIDER i GOT 91 my auto blew mad tight cars and the switch to stadard gave a substancial increase of torque and horsepower to the wheels then a stock standard and yes in stock form the automatic is quicker then the standard model especially with lock on torque converter box located on passenger side fire wall next to intake manifold. holla new nigga to the forum.
91 Acura Integra Ls Auto switched standard(and yes there isa horsepower & torque difference)

:welcome: to theJDM.com. my teg is auto but im thinking about swapping a b18c1 and LSD 5/SPD. I mod the integra sections so if you got any questions just PM me.

wow... i am bringing up a dead thread but oh well...i have a DB1 its just the four door version of the DA i will have pics here soon..hopefully today.
90 Integra Gs sedan- DC sports 4-2-1 headder,2.25" exahust, 2" drop on Tien springs...and more to come.
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