can n e 1 help!!!!

o.k. my friend just got his 1st car he got a 90-93. i was wondering if n e one here can give me tips on this car and stuff as well as help me out with n e site where i can find a front lip parts for a b20 block with a b16 head just websites where i can pretty much find anything i would want to get for this car. i would really appreciate it, thanx .

Search around the site a lil bit and be specific about what your asking and I will be glad to help out as much as possible.
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to be exact my friend is tellin me he is looking for a mugen front lip or type-r front lip. he is also looking for coilovers, and internals. for a b17 head. he also has a b20 block so wat ever i can find for the block would be also very helpful. thanx

check the engine tech forums here, also i did a massive write up and also pasted an article that is a sticky on another site about building a CR-VTEC that i could post on here when i am not lazy ahahah
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the gsr head he has is the same as a b16 head i have rocketmotor sports valve springs and retainers if he is looking for stuff like that if thats what he is looking for email me at
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