DA9's Teg VS. Cement Curb of Doom (**UPDATED W/ PICS**)

So tonight i was on my way back from my girlfriend's house taking it nice and slow to insure nothing bad would happen. Im almost home now, i pull into my housing development and im going like 7 or 8mph, i go to turn down my street and out of know where my car just starts to drift around the corner (this is also a slight down slope) so im sliding for like 3 seconds ( the longest 3 seconds ever for me) im now going about 11mph, then BOOM, SMASH, CRACK! The worst sounds i have ever heard. I get out of my car only to see my bumper in this dude lawn, curb, under my car, and smashed into the inside of my left fender. I now see im missing the whole front left side of my bumper from the license plate to the left fender, the whole bottom is smashed back ( tow hook, splash gaurd, some other metal crap that is bent back at like a -120 deg. angle, and other crap i cant really see. It looks like the front left corner of my oil pan is dented in but it is not leaking so that is one major relief, the #1 best relief was to see my just recently installed JDM one-peice headlights were untuched without a sratch or crack. Also smashed the bottom left bumper signal, smashed the window washed fluid container and im not sure body wise since its too dark to see. If I have school tomarrow I put it up on the lift (take pics) and check to see what other damage i have. I am ok but the Integra looks like SHIT!. I will upload pics as soon as I take them. I hate snow/ice with 0 deg. weather.





^^RIP^^ My 2nd DA. it's motor is now boosted in my buddies CRX so it didn't go to waste.

Damn. that sucks hard. Time to move somewhere where there's no snow or ice.
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fucking bummer man. hope everything turns out well and the damage isnt as extreme as u think.
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Damn man, i did the same thing in august down the shore i hit a curb on the passenger side. LCA bent, oil pan cracked... I feel your pain. :(
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i hate the snow! oh wait, i live in los angeles... :)
sorry to hear about it chinga, hope the damage isn't as bad as you think.

yea man that sucks. is it still driveable???? we'll i guess ill find out if i dont see it at school tomorrow. sucks ass bro

damn! i almost wrecked tonight like 100 times. once was on the parkway--my brakes locked up as i was passing a semi :X.

hope the DA is OK.

aww that sucks. At least you're okay. hehe All that stuff is replaceable..but you on the other hand arent. ;)

Still im sorry to hear about that. :(
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