Good, old-fashioned '99 Si

I started at thejdm after I found out about it at the State College meet in Nov. Anyway, here it is:


In the grid:

In action:

In winter mode:

This daily driver isn't above the romp up an unplowed mountain road... or a cargo hauling trip to home depot either.

Mods: The usual
I / E
Tokico Illumina 1.5" kit
Some gauges above the cupholders
A thermometer
no big whoop.

So there you have it :P
Rich in Southeast PA

Yep STS here. I forgot to list my ES Motor mount inserts, but frankly I don't think they are doing much. I'm hearing different things from different people on whether or not they will bump me up to "Street Mod"

And no fair on that rock chip comment!! :greet:

Welcome to thejdm. I was one of the loudmouths riding along with Jawn (gold EK) at the State College meet. Enjoy your stay.
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