Thanks dude - and I will be careful.

Glad u liked the vids. I will be posting one or two more soon - one of ma'gurls in MD took a vid of my dyno time last week. I'm just waitin for her to send them to me when she's got the time...


nice ride, but not sure about the unleashed dragan on the side, tails and the mount job with the inside gauges on dash. over all nice SI boi!

link to my car: >>



I need to take another pic - my guages were on the dash for only a day or two. I have autometer guage pods mounted on the a-pillar now... I'll have to update that pic...


Very nice. Don't really care for the dragon or the tails, but hey, like you said, it's your car. Very nice vids though, the car pulls something mean for being in fifth.

I have a feeling the K20A3 is going to become the "LS-T" of the K series motors, as in the one that is better suited for FI.


SaW your car at the 7-11 in langhorne, not feeling the tails and dragon at allllll :red: bu seems to pull pretty quick.
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langhorne?? how long ago was that??

If it was more than 8 weeks ago i wasn't turbo'd yet... i can't remember when/where i was in langhorn since i got the turbo....

7-11 where?? I'm from philly and don't know much about langhorne aside from sesame place for my kid ;).


Hahahahaha!! Don't lie.... you already told me that YOU love Sesame Place, and that yer kid was sick of covering up for you.... :nod:
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