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Miata V8 swap info

Posted: October 07, 2010
by kotomile
I'm researching the LSx swap for my '93 Miata, thought I'd share links and some interesting things I've learned. - nicely detailed build diaries - the best kit, IMHO - also sells the V8R kit - V8 swap forum, knowledgeable members

There are two basic way to swap, rear (standard) mounted and "forward". Rear mount puts the engine as far back as possible but requires modification of the front section of the transmission tunnel. Forward lets you skip this step, but gives the car that much more front bias and less room between the engine and radiator.

Rear end - The majority of swaps use either the Getrag (7.5") rear from a CTS, or the Ford 8". Getrag is good for street cars and is small enough to allow for dual 3" exhausts, and Ford is bigger, stronger, but allows less space for exhaust.

Electrics tend to be up to the end user. It's up to him or her to wire the car for the GM ECU. There are instructions on swaptastic and schematics on the forums.

That's the most basic stuff. I'll be going with the V8R rear-mounted kit/Getrag option when I get back from Afghanistan.

Re: Miata V8 swap info

Posted: October 07, 2010
by munster
Awesome. I love LSx Miatas. There was one running around Pittsburgh a while ago.

Re: Miata V8 swap info

Posted: October 07, 2010
by jdm delivery
I've been wanting to do this forever...but i dont have a Miata or a V8