roadsterdrift.com - laid back like here but mostly miatas
miata.net - good for tech questions but don't utter the word "drift" there..
that's all I know of or post on, that and the miata myspace groups.


no... im looking for one still. just one without a motor. i also have a guy looking at dealer auctions for me. he said he found a decent 97 so i am waiting on that

Nice, so that would make.. what.. 3 posting miata thejdmers? lol

What are your plans? Since you're picking up one w/o engine, are you looking into some kind of crazy swap?

Have you ridden in a miata or driven one yet?

idreamidrive wrote:ive ridden in one, never driven one though. and the crazy swap idea would be a 20b. i think it will become a garage queen
I want the sex with the garage queen 20B Miatar. :eek:
.saint wrote:77 knows all. he is so wise.
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