make that 4 posting miata's..... try miataturbo.net
some good info there.... but seems slow, like alot of the miata forums..... Theres a guy on clubroadster with an f20 swap into his car, and I'm seriously contemplating an sr20 swap.....

as far as a 20b swap.... dude.... more power to ya on that one, but even the FD guys don't have enough dough for that most of the time (of course it REALLY doesn't fit in there) and that motor is much larger and heavier than you'd think..... Perhaps a 13bt or 13bRE swap would be more feasible....

Not that I haven't dreamed of cramming a single turbo'd 20b into my car.....
finally turbo!
check the cardomain!!! http://www.cardomain.com/ride/832854

:up: for miataturbo.net here also, hadn't found it yet when I last posted in this thread. VERY informative bunch o' dudes there.


I'll let idid know, he doesn't come here anymore.
.saint wrote:77 knows all. he is so wise.
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