need details..... auto or stick.... color...mileage?.... engine and turbo's replaced or original? Are there pre-existing mods to the car?

all these things play a factor, as well as your mechanical ability....

Are you willing to perform routine maintenance religioulsy? Are you OK with the realiy that at some point in your ownership you will in all likelyhood have to replace/rebuild the engine ( which isn't that big a deal if you can pull it and strip it to the rotor housings yourself, and then re-install it)

How familiar are you with rotary motors? Are you willing to do your research? They are quirky, trust me, but very rewarding!

Do you have a second car? do you have the ability to own a second car? You may need one at some point....

IM NOT TRYING TO SCARE YOU AWAY!!!!! But I owned a 2nd gen (FC) rx7, so I know the issues involved, and the rewards.... FD's are beautiful, fast cars.... but they need to be cared for by a competent owner or mechanic..... or your experience will not be a positive one, unless you are the luckiest person ever or have loads of cash to throw at it....
finally turbo!
check the cardomain!!! http://www.cardomain.com/ride/832854

I had an FD before joining the military. He is right you need to know all these things. They have one the most complex engines out there. If you can work on a rotary then you will save yourself lot of money on labor. I would buy one again in a heartbeat, I really miss that car!!!
2003 Honda Civic SI - Time to get to work.

idreamidrive wrote:YOU DONT HAVE THE MONEY!!! that would be my reason
lol...why you always bringin me down?

I dont know anything about rotary engines, let alone Mazda's. However, I know someone with a built FD and learning about them is no problem. And mechanicly inclined? Please, I rock.

Not sure about mileage, its a 1994 Green w/ tan interior. Completely stock.

Then I would bring your friend down there to look at the engine. He should be able to tell if there are any problems with it just looking at it. Check the vacum hoses, they tend to be too close to the second turbo and that will cause them to melt, causing an unwanted boost leak. That along with a thicker Apex seal was the first thing I did to mine when I got it. Like I said I would do it again in a heartbeat, just because I miss that car, especially driving an ist now. ist= slow fd= hella fast. Also along with checking the hoses find out if this is the original motor. They usually need to be oiverhauled/ rebulit around 100k miles, especially if they were run real hard. It maybe completely stock, but that doesn't mean it wasn't run real hard. Good luck man I hope you get it.

Cars that are green with tan interiors don't need oil to run, FYI.
.saint wrote:77 knows all. he is so wise.

ToByTuNeD wrote:Cars that are green with tan interiors don't need oil to run, FYI.
no... they just dont need their oil changed.

i would prolly pass on a nonmodded rx7. only cause they are usually not taken good of care of maintance wise as a modded one

actually, in reality, the motors are much less complicated than a piston engine.... many many fewer moving parts, and therefore less failure points.... only issue being.... most engine issues require a complete teardown.....
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