i see mega squirt


"dude the exhaust on that maserati sounds like it is gonna beat you up, screw your mom, and take your chick away. That thing is mean!!!"

kotomile wrote: To keep the engine as far back as possible, they removed the distributor and went with a Crank Angle Sensor (CAS) and coilpacks.

thats exaclty what im removing for my MS set up. Goin with a EDIS system and Trigger wheel on the crank pulley


I'm going to stick with the coilpacks until I splurge for the CoP ignition.

In a few I'll post up some of the other goodies I've gotten to make this a "stuff waiting to go on the Miata when I get back" thread.


Damn this thread is old. I already went with a 3.57 board MegaSquirt, now running 10G Hi-Res firmware, and coil-on-plug ignition is in the mail!
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