dont have one. but i used to ride in one. hottest girl in highschool had one. her's was purple and slow as balls. but good times with that thing though

1992 mx-3 1.8 v6. bone stock. bought it from my uncle. he bought it brand new and towards the end of its run it sat in his garage for 3 years. i bought in august of 07. complete 4-wheel brake job. new 2.25 inch exhaust cat back. i put a waterpump and timing belt in it and a thermostat. new plugs and fuel and air filters and an induction service. 4-wheel alignment. i parked it for the winter in my garage and began driving it this spring. no rust any where. chassis is still undercoated heavily and none of the brake or fuel lines show any rust. usual stone chips in front. some scratches nothing deep. rear bumper was scraped by my neighbor. nothing a little bondo cant make disappear. interior is clean. rear seats have inseam tears as usual. i bought it with 82k and im just about to turn 90k. i can get pics if your interested. i am a ford technician at a local dealer and im very particular about maintenance. ive changed the oil 3 times already and ive used all motorcraft parts where i could. pm me if your interested or email me at blloyd985@hotmail.com . i"m looking for 3k but am willing to negotiate. i"m located in johnstown pennsylvania. zip is 15902
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i think most people realize that they are pretty much a dead platform to try to work from.
Just call me Dr. Vice.
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