anyone want a turbo Miata?

Not mine, dammit ;)

This guy, copied and pasted from I remember his feature in D-Sport, this thing made like 478 RWHP on E85:

Well, I have been putting this off for a month or so now, and have decided that it is time to sell my car. I am wanting to begin a new project, and need to make room in the garage. My Miata has been meticulously taken care of, and it runs perfectly. You will not find a cleaner 99 miata for sale. It can be eaten off of. Every part on the car is the best that I could find. No short-cuts were taken. It was Featured in D-Sport Magazine in April of 2007, and won many "Best Mazda" awards at local car shows. This is by far the fastest car I have ever driven. Every time I drive this car, I get out with a huge grin on my face. I can not describe how fun it is in words. Here is a list of most of the mods on the car.

9:1 Wiseco Pistons
Carrillo H-Beam Rods
Lightened/Knife Edged/ Balanced Crank
Flyin Miata Crank Girtle
Flyin Miata Billet End Caps
ARP Rod Main Studs
Ferrea 1mm oversized valves
Flyin Miata Valve Springs/Retainers
Unshrowded Combustion Chamber Lip
O Ring Style Head Gasket
Ported and Polished
ARP Head studs
T1 Modded Intake Manifold
Flyin Miata Adj. Cam Gears
Magnecore Plug Wires
Walboro 255lph fuel pump
Aeromotive A1000 Fuel pump
Custom Secondary Fuel Cell
Race-Lines Custom Return Fuel System
Fuel Lab Regulator
Vishnu Fuel Rail
1600 cc Fuel injectors
T1 Tubular Exhaust Manifold
Full-Race Spec Garret GT3076R Turbo
T1 3 in Stainless Downpipe
T1 Full 3 in Exhaust
Apexi Muffler
Tial 44mm Wastegate
Tial 50mm BOV
T1 2.5in Intercooler piping
Precision T&E Intercooler Core
T1 endtanks
Flyin Miata Aluminum Radiator
Flyin Miata Aluminum Flywheel
Competition Clutch 4 puck Sprung unit
Competition Clutch Custom Pressure Plate
Greddy Oil Catch Can
MoTeC M4 Stand Alone EMS
T1 wiring Harness
GM boost control sol.
Kevlar turbo Blanket

Tein Flex coilovers
Custom Transmission Brace
Racing Beat Rear Subframe Brace
Hard Dog 4 pt Roll Bar
Wilwood 4 piston big brake kit
Racing Brake 2pc Rotors
Flyin Miata Brake Pads

Skunk 2 Titanium Lug nuts
Weds Sport 15x7 wheels
Bf goodrich Drag radials

OEM Mazda front spoiler painted black
Silver Flake paint
Turbo Emblem from Acura RDX
Shaved Rear emblems
Battery Cut off switch and Relay

Sparco Roadster Seats
Sparco Fire Extinguisher
Sparco Ring Steering Wheel
Bobby Archers quick disconnect
Sparco Shift knob
Sparco Carbon Fiber Pedals
Crow Enterprises Harnesses
Greddy boost guage
Greddy EGT guage
T1 shift Light
Prologger Data Logger

I may have forgotten a few things, but that pretty much covers it.

I have changed the oil in the car once a week with Mobil 1 synthetic fluids, and changed spark plugs every other week. The motor has approximately 6000k miles on it.

I know there are a few things that I am forgetting to say, but I am sure that I'll think of them later. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me, or PM me.

Please no negative feedback, I really need to move this thing. Im not going to post a price yet. Offers are welcome, but hold Low Balls to yourself please. I have spent 35k plus in mods alone on this car. If I dont get what I want for the car, I'll part out soon, SO MAKE ME A DECENT OFFER!!!



that shit was sick. ever see when people put 5.0 mustang engines in miatas? not a huge mustang fan but light car + big engine = WTF
Franchise :ninja:

jdm delivery wrote:that shit was sick. ever see when people put 5.0 mustang engines in miatas? not a huge mustang fan but light car + big engine = WTF

5.0s are the old way, young Skywalker.

I'll take the one in the back too very badass mazda though.. I just recently got a mazda and don't know shit a bout them, but it sounds sick
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