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.saint wrote:damn ryan that sucks, dave told me you split but had no idea about the rest of the stuff. ;(

i didn't realize you picked up that mazda that thing is awesome!
yeah man, it's pretty shitty. hilarious the guy she left me for already dumped her, she's desperately trying to find a new b/f now lol, heard she is dating a guy in ligonier, probably trying to get knocked up so she can get money out of him. Never really expected her to act this way, she is garbage.

anyhow, I'd love to hang out with everyone and drink a beer and smash some wings. We gotta setup something soon!

Re: johnstown area meet

word. i been working crazy 14 hour days and my weekends have been booked up these past few weeks.

I'm still in the process of picking up a TDI. waiting to hear some emails back from this dealership in WV that has the car to see if its worth the drive down to actually look at the car.

Re: johnstown area meet

My weekends have been nuts as well. Sunday early evening is usually the best. Someone text me if something gets set in stone. I haven't had time to be online much. It's been a while since I've seen everyone.
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