Free Beer in TAMPA

IF you guys have ever been to Sea World you know what i'm talking about. I went to Sea World this past weekend...Well 1st i didnt know that Sea World is owned by the bush company....And then when i went to there little brewery that they have in the back, i was in aww when i saw it...So i went up to the bar to order a beer (yeah i know i'm an Alchi) and when i asked the guy how much it was he told me IT WAS FREE... This is how i looked when he told me that this is what i looked like :O ....So we get one free beer in the bar, and then another one round back....So to all of you that go to sea world...Please enojoy the free BEER....

Mini_Me 09 wrote:Well actually BUSH GARDENS is also owned by the Bush Co. And they also have a free beer thing...So I WIN 8)

Yes but you said SEA WORLD, so "You Are The Weakest Link Goodbye "!

you guys are losers
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