I used to, im trying to finish the ca tho, and still wont be out there for another month at least. Besides that, theres a couple cool people out there, however, most people are just ricers and blare their bass or their neons.

The OTHER group, the cooler people, either race and have clean cars, or the big domestic heads.

We need another meet, koto, crxsi, lets put a date for the end of may sometime, hos that sound? Id love to meet some more people near this area. Hopefully my car will be finished by then.
1990 240sx Fastback


So yeah, its August, and nothing has come up, koto when can you come down here, I want to be the first person to give you a ride in a CA powered 240. Woot, Woot!

I got another 240 btw, I had an unfortunate schmelting ACCIDENT, so the original 240 that you know and love is no mo. however, it is a much better, moe powerful car, that feels incredibly balanced.

Did I mention 235whp?
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