That's cool, yeah I'm MI. My company was in the field but got called out because some of them had to deploy immediately because of the Israeal/'bolla skirmish. I've been assigned to the ceremonial detachment 'til October, doing funerals and playing colorguard. It's ok, but I'd rather be doing my job. Speaking of my job, I talked with a DoD recruiter about civilian jobs and it's looking pretty bright for me once I get out! Here's their website http://www.godefense.com


Hey I saw a red CRX yesterday that was looking pretty nice. Slammed, exhaust, rims and the like. Not too ricey. Other than the swarm of evo's with nothing done to them I haven't seen too much.
2003 Honda Civic SI - Time to get to work.

That one reminds me of my old one, only I don't care for the wheels on it and the exhaust needs to be re-done (canister exhausts should never be angled down!!).
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