Re: its spelled infiniti

hey... they mean the same thing lol
I drive a Honda シビック クーペ

"We're supposed to be expressing are own artistic talent and vision through our cars, not everybody else's. Use yours to show the rest of the world who you are... i dare you." - Dru Barrios of Honda Tuning Magazine

Re: its spelled infiniti

hah yes i am sorry it disruped the entire flow of this section.... :\

but yes anyways

parted out my last drift car
and bought a G35 black, 6 MT, track edition, in Early January paid it off last month and now gonna start putting some mods into it over the summer.

its gonna be sweet to get back to a street car that i can slowly build up while contiuning to drive, like i did back in my honda days!!
Stance coilovers, Work Cr Kai's, intake and exhaust are on the slate for this summer. eventually i would like to turn it into a full blown track car :)
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